Youth Camp "Real People"
Youth Camp "Real People"
This Youth Camp became a break through for many. It was intensive instruction for the youth like fertilizer for a garden. It allowed the youth to realize who they are in Gods eyes before and after the Cross. They felt the presence of God in their life and learned how to follow him practically. This allowed them to get away from the everyday stresses, and live 4 nights in the presence of God. 22 teens came and Praised the Lord from the roof tops. This allowed God to work in their lives. They learned from many activities such as but not limited to games, skits, songs, tours, daily words, and by fellowship with one another. They did not leave this place the same as they came in.
Do more than care; take privilege,
honor and commitment in giving!
"Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited
to your account." Philipians 4:17