Alex & Angela Yarin
In the Summer of 2017, after completing the missionary training we became missionaries of Solid Rock Mission. Therefore, we moved to the village of Gubinikha to bring the Gospel to people, and to return those who fell away from the church, to plant new churches and make the disciples followers of Christ, who would serve not only they are, but they also would go further in the expending God's kingdom to other cities and villages.
With my wife Angela and 15-year-old son Mark we serve in a church and lead the main service in the villages of Gubinikha and Golubovka. We also serve families in difficult life circumstances: low-income families, families in which parents have alcohol or drug addiction, families in which there are people with disabilities. Visiting these families, we carry the love of christ and help with domestic work, we pray for the sick and the Lord heals. When possible we help with food but the ultimate goal is the salvation for these families.

Our Missionary
We also, enjoy leading home groups, work with young people, participate in summer camps for teenagers, street evangelism in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, my wife Angela is studying in Kiev for to be child and family counselor. I believe this will help us to do our missionary work even more effectively.

If my vision for ministry found a response in your heart, then I want to invite you to be a prayer and financial partner to the ministry that God has entrusted to me with. I believe that being a co-worker in this work, your life and ministry will fruitful and will be filled with new blessings.
"Not that I desire your gifts;
what I desire is that more be credited
to your account."

Philipians 4:17