Water Baptism – The Joy Of Being Saved

July 20, 2016
Water Baptism!
Over the last few years the church has been growing and every year new people have been baptized. There's no better joy in the world when you see how God has been transforming lives through as our missionaries have been sharing the Gospel. We ask that you pray for our new members of the church as they grow spiritually. What's most exciting is the fact that as soon as people have been baptized most of them get involved in the church right away. They go to the villages in the area with the purpose to share the Gospel, give away bread, and take part in children ministry with the purpose of planting new churches.
Do more than care; take privilege,
honor and commitment in giving!
"Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited
to your account." Philipians 4:17