Revival camp is a Christian camp for teenagers from 12 to 18 years old, where they rest and grow spiritually for 5 days. Morning and evening services, seminars, and mentoring lessons in their groups contribute to a greater knowledge of God.

In addition to the spiritual part, the program devotes a lot of time to entertainment: team games, swimming in the lake and various competitions; volleyball, football, chess

The camp offers a variety of master classes: vocal and playing musical instruments, needlework, and a master class in cooking. For girls and boys, separate seminars are held aimed at understanding their personality, the importance of physical, soul, and spiritual beauty as a lady and a gentleman.

The camp's rich program will make a child's experience memorable, and the spiritual truths he or she learns through Bible lessons will be a blessing for his or her future life.
"Not that I desire your gifts;
what I desire is that more be credited
to your account."

Philipians 4:17