Christmas in three villages: Znamenivka, Pidpilne and Soloniy Leman
June 22, 2016
Christmas in three villages: Znamenivka, Pidpilne and Soloniy Leman.
150 Presents were given away on Christina's to children who attended kids camp during summer.A special Christmas Program was presented to the children of Znamenivka where they learned more about what God did for us through the birth of Jesus Christ.Not all children were able to come especially the children from other villages so missionaries went around visiting many homes.Many children come from a single parent families. It's always amazing for them to learn about our Heavenly Father in Heaven.This was a great opportunity to meet their parents and share the love of Christ and invite them to church. Thank you for allowing us to do this outreach and we look forward to do it next Christmas as well. This is made possible through the people who invested their finances into the Kingdom of God. You can also take a privilege and contribute by clicking the link below.

A special thank you to Vita Kalatchik for organizing a fundraiser and taking part in this project.

Do more than care; take privilege,
honor and commitment in giving!
"Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited
to your account." Philipians 4:17