Heart Healing Missionary School

On December 26-28, 2020, we had a winter missionary school called “Healing of the heart” and it was incredible! 52 teenagers from different cities and villages: Dnipro, Golubivka, Lviv, Rozbrat, Yurievka, Stepovoe, Chervonykh kvit, Yevetsko-Mykolayivka, Chorbivka, Varvarivka and Novomoskovsk gathered in one place, in the village of Znamenivka, to learn how to expand the Kingdom of God. The program covered the following topics: Forgiveness, healing of the heart; How to start a prayer life; Glorification; Personality in God, Spiritual sonship; The power of thought, of words; Culture of the Kingdom of God; Vocation, Service in the Church; Holiness and purity - a relationship with the opposite sex. We also held master classes in cooking, needlework, drawing, and Bible reading. As a practical part, the students attended a Sunday service at the Way of Salvation Church in Novomoskovsk, where they had the opportunity to celebrate and share testimonies of God's work in their lives.