A cup of coffee
A cup of coffee
"Feel the difference!" - this is the motto of the new ministry, which very soon will begin to function in the village of Golubivka. We came up with an idea to open a Christian cafe because we realized that love for people can be caught in different ways. In addition to its direct mission, this cafe will also serve as a place for communication for youth, where they will hear about God and His plan for their lives. Various evangelistic services will be held there: work with children, teenagers and youth, we also plan to organize courses on playing the guitar and much more. We really want it to become a place where people will find not only good coffee, but also get into the atmosphere of love, friendship and respect, which is so lacking in everyday life. Now we are working on the preparation of everything and repairing of the , and soon, with God's help, the doors of this cafe will be open to visitors!
Do more than care; take privilege,
honor and commitment in giving!
"Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited
to your account." Philipians 4:17